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About Hill Construction Co. Paver Experts

About Hill Construction Co. Paver Experts We are professional contractors who are passionate about and have chosen to "specialize" in the design and installation of paving stone driveways, walkways, patios... and back yard make-overs.

Imagine Hill Construction Co coming to your home to look at your Driveway, Entry Walkway, Porch, or Back Yard, Patio, and Artificial Lawn projects... then offering valuable design ideas, best construction advice, value-oriented and highest quality pavers choices, color blend and pattern recommendations based on our wealth of experience and industry knowledge - AT NO COST! Then imagine us totally transforming the look, significantly enhancing the livability and value of your home - in just a matter of days - with a gorgeous installation, done right the first time, by our certified, friendly and efficient crews and our diligent project managers.

Pavers are your "smart choice" over replacing cracked asphalt or concrete surfaces. Why? In Northern California we have expansive clay soils that swell up in the winter when it rains, and then shrink in the summer. This movement causes monolithic surfaces like asphalt or concrete to ultimately crack. Pavers are an "engineered system" composed of many individual stones, set into a very hard yet slightly "flexible" base. Once properly installed (according to ICPI - Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute - standards) the stones become "interlocked". Interlocking pavers offer you the best value and return on your investment - they will last a lifetime and you will never see a crack again!

We also specialize in Artificial Grass design and installation and garden walls, drainage solutions, landscape lighting and paver sealing that will enrich the paver color blends, preserve and protect your investment. We are certified installers and have specialty equipment to apply Seal 'N Lock which also helps prevent weed growth between the paver joints!

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