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Hardscape Services

Hardscape Services Hillsborough, CA We at Hill Construction Co are the expert paver installers that cater to clients in Belmont, Redwood City, and Foster City. We have a large number of clients in and around San Mateo, Menlo Park, as well as East Palo Alto. Our team has handled numerous paver driveway installation projects for clients in Stanford, Burlingame, Palo Alto, Hillsborough, as well as the surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of hardscaping services such as:

Paver Driveways

A paver driveway is a great addition to any property. Today, there are a large number of paver stones to choose from such as ones made of concrete, brick or natural stone. The concrete paver stones can also be of different textures, colors, and styling. A paver driveway is far more resilient and durable compared to a concrete or asphalt one. We have the ability to provide paver driveway design and installation services and have handled a large number of projects during our lifetime. You can rest assured that that top quality materials will be used in the work and that we will focus on installing the pavers to perfection. Our team will also install the edge restraints in order to improve the integrity of the paver driveway. Read More About Paver Driveways »

Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking concrete pavers are the latest trend. These pavers are extremely versatile and can be used in various outdoor spaces such as driveways, pathways, walkways, decks, patios, and poolscapes. They can also be installed in entryways and courtyards areas. Since these products are extremely strong and durable, we are able to withstand regular wear and tear as well as exposure to climatic changes. We will provide you with all the information you need about the different types of Belgard paving products available on the market. You can choose pavers based on your specific styling requirement, preferences, and budget. We can handle interlocking paver installation expertly, ensuring the longevity of the feature. Read More About Interlocking Pavers »

Artificial/Synthetic Turf

While many property owners like to get lawn installations for their landscapes, it can be quite difficult to regularly mow and maintain these areas. Over time, the job can get quite tedious and time-consuming as well. One of the best ways to avoid all these problems is to get artificial turf installed. Today synthetic turf manufacturing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Modern-day artificial grass looks very much like the real thing. You can choose from different types of grass textures based on your specific requirements. While the upfront cost of synthetic grass may be slightly higher than natural lawns, they will last for up to a decade with very basic maintenance, which provides you value in the loan term. Read More About Artificial/Synthetic Turf »

Sitting/Planter Walls

Most homeowners that have backyards on their property also get outdoor seating solutions. However one of the best ways to ensure that there is plenty of seating space in your landscape is to get sitting walls installed. These walls are a simple yet specialized feature that can be installed in any area of your landscape. For instance, it can be constructed around a patio area or even as a peripheral wall for your outdoor kitchen. It can be used to demarcate space for planter beds and provide seating as well. In addition to sitting walls, we also design and install planter walls. You can choose from natural stone and coping of different colors and hues to create the ambiance you want on your residential property. Read More About Sitting/Planter Walls »


Drainage is an important aspect of any landscape big and small. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most neglected aspects as well. A poorly designed drainage system can have a negative impact on your landscaping. It can ruin the plantings and lawns on your property as well as the masonry elements. Rainwater runoff from your roof needs to be channeled properly towards the exterior of your property. The water accumulating at the base of the foundation can impact the integrity and structural strength of your house as well. We can design and install all types of drainage systems such as French drains, channel drains, pop-up bubblers and downspout connectors in your yard spaces. Read More About Drainage »

Landscape Lighting

Whether you have a small yard or an expansive landscape on your property, one of the best ways to showcase it effectively after dark is to get landscape lighting installed. We have the expertise and creativity to design all types of outdoor lighting plans. We use a variety of low voltage landscape lighting fixtures to create a stunning effect in the outdoor spaces of your home. We can install paver lights, lamp posts, step lights, floodlights and more. All of these fixtures would be placed strategically in order to enhance and highlight the most appealing features of your landscape. We focus on using energy efficient lighting installations, ensuring you don’t get saddled with very high utility bills. Read More About Landscape Lighting »

For any more information about our solutions, feel free to contact Hill Construction Co. at 650-380-9712. You can also use this online form you send us queries or details about your paver driveway installation project. We will work closely with you to ensure the success of your project.
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