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Choosing the right color blend is key and can make a gorgeous installation truly look outstanding by tying in to all the elements of your home. During your "free consultation" our design experts will show you the criteria for what you should look for in a color blend based on your homes colors, roof, trim, surroundings etc. We come to your home prepared with a "mobile showroom." We bring several sample boards that can help you compare, contrast, and finalize your color blend choices.

If you are doing your research ahead of time, please contact us for a break down of the actual colors that go into the various color blends by all 8 local paving stone manufacturers. This will help you to determine which stone color blend is right for you. Not to worry, based on our wealth of experience we will help guide you with your options, telling you which color blends are the most popular, and which color blends might be best for you and why.

* Please ask us for a break down of the colors in all 8 local paving stone manufacturers' color blends. This will help you to best determine which "color blend" is right for your home.

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