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Landscape Lighting

Nothing is sexier than well-placed landscape lighting. Add low-voltage landscape lighting to increase the visual appeal; utility of the space in the evenings; accent plants, bushes, uplight trees; highlight walls, stone textures, columns; up wash a wall or the house with lighting; illuminate dark corners; light a pathway to make it inviting; add safety and security to your home and grounds! New LED fixtures and bulbs offer the ultimate in brightness, color, and energy savings. New lights in the shape, dimension, texture of paving stones can be installed around the perimeter of your new driveway or patio area to really "showcase" your installation at night. Let Hill Construction Co. help you with all your landscape lighting needs.

Click on the images below to view a larger display.

Landscape Lighting
Backyard Patio with Paving Stones, Veneer Sitting/Garden Walls & Landscape Lighting, Belmont, CA
Landscape Lighting
Long view of lit sitting wall
Landscape Lighting
Sitting wall low voltage light detail
Landscape Lighting
LED column uplight paver light insert
Landscape Lighting
Paver Low Voltage Perimeter Lighting, Cupertino, CA
Landscape Lighting
Paver Textured Low Voltage Light, Belmont, CA
Landscape Lighting
Paver driveway pattern inlaid with LED lighting
Landscape Lighting
Test run of paver driveway lights
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