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Has the artificial turf undergone testing?

Yes, the components used in the production of these products have undergone years of research and development, including extensive UV stability and wear resistance testing. The new generation of polyethylene monofilament fibers yarns for synthetic turf landscaping were introduced in 1999.

Does the synthetic grass have a warranty?

Yes, typically a standard 7-10 year limited warranty against fading and 1 year on workmanship, depending upon manufacturer. The product has a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years, depending on use and weather.

Will the long-term effects of the sun harm the synthetic grass?

No, the fibers will resist the damaging effects of the sun and extreme weather. Typically you may get a 3% fade in color over the life of the product – unnoticeable, especially with the multi-color strands.

What is the synthetic grass made of?

It mainly consists of Polyethylene. This is the most durable plastic available and is used to make products such as water pipes, and Tupperware. Polyethylene is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Typically these products are manufactured in Texas, Georgia and China.

Can a synthetic grass add value to my home or business?

Yes. An attractive, low maintenance landscape design can easily add 10% or more to a property's value. A synthetic turf will eliminate annual lawn maintenance fees and significantly decrease water consumption.

Is synthetic grass similar to patio carpet or Astroturf?

No. Our products are so realistic that it is difficult to distinguish the difference between natural grass and our synthetic grass. Our synthetic grass fibers are manufactured with an advanced blend polypropylene, unlike the nylon "Astro Turf". Our advanced grass is durable, yet soft enough to offer the most consistent and realistic lawn.

How much does it cost?

Synthetic grass is priced by the square foot and installation costs vary depending upon access to the site in your yard. Typically, it will pay for itself in 3 years compared to the installation of natural grass with an irrigation system. Plus think of all the maintenance, and replacement savings over time!

What about drainage?

Synthetic grass has perforations in the backing, which allows water to drain vertically. The drainage is similar to natural grass. We construct the base with at least a 1% grade to assist with drainage. Putting greens are fringe and do not have perforations in the backing.

What about pets?

Our synthetic grass is pet friendly. Cleaning animal feces is no different than natural grass. Simply use a rake or pooper scooper to remove the mess, and a water hose to rinse the area. There are also spray on "refreshing" solutions available to disinfect the area. One huge benefit is no more "burn spots" on the lawn from the high concentrations of nitrogen in urine.

What about yard debris?

Use a rake, leaf blower, or yard vacuum to remove leaves and debris.

Is your synthetic grass flammable?

Our synthetic grass is Non-Flammable. Cigarette burns will melt the fibers and can be clipped away.
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